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We carry good quality Football Dummies at competitive prices allowing coaches to train winning football teams. Shop our selection today.
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Coach always told me that practice makes perfect, and as much as I hate to say it, he was right. Practicing and training create great football skills off the field that you put to work on the field, against real competition. But without some great football dummies and training aids, how do you know you're pushing yourself and hitting your goals? What you need are some high-quality football dummies to build your blocking, tackling, strength and in-game knowledge, to take your entire game to the next level.

To build blocking technique, hitting strength, defensive capabilities, improve your tackling skills, and train you to take hits; coaches have been using football dummies forever. Dummies use resistance and typically require other people or teammates to hold them. Your teammates hold the Football dummies while you practice hitting the dummy and going for the block or the tackle. These drills build the strength, blocking, and hitting techniques that every player needs to become a winning football player.

Football blocking dummies and tackling dummies are essential components of a successful team’s football practice equipment. We offer an extensive line of football dummies. Choose from hand-held football dummies that teach proper opponent controlling technique, stand-alone dummies that “pop” back up after contact for tackling drills or speed drills, and half round dummies designed to increase player agility. From the mitey-mites on up to the professional level, we have the right football dummy for your program. Shop our selection today!